Geopathic Stress is Greek word,where Geo means Earth and Pathic means problems. Therefore Geopathic Stress means Earth problems due to Stress. This Stress can come from underground water streams,overhead electric power lines, cellphone towers, magnetic earth lines..etc. Underground water sourses are most harmful among Geopathic Stress and produces electrical power (radiations) and harm our cell energy functioning. Electro magnetic radiation is linked to Memory loss, Cancer, High blood pressure, Brain tumor, Heart attacks, Diabetis, Infertility and several other critical diseases. If body is exposed to radiations continuously heat shock proteins are released by body to protect from it and there by normal proteins production decreases and immunity level comes down and DND structure will get damaged. Cell sizes will becomes abnormal and this results in Cancer, tumor and other Critical diseases. If body suffers or exposed to radiations continuously for 3,5,7, 10,15 years then Cancer, Tumor & other Critical diseases are sure.

Geopathic Stress

It is vitally important for a human-made structure to honour and make connections with the physical environment.

This creates stability, acceptance by the spirit of the land, and very real anchor lines which allow energy flow between the structure and surrounding landscape.”
–Ivan McBeth

  • Geopathic stress is the effect of detrimental earth radiation and electromagnetic radiation on the health of your body.(Effects the functional communications related to any part of the human body).
  • The Earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center.
  • The rotation of the earth creates electrical currents in the molten metals found within its core, thereby producing a magnetic field.

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When the natural radiations which rise up through the earth are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, sewers, drains, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.(Geological structures. Even the distinct human bones also give rise to electromagnetic radiations is called “SALYA”)


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  Natural radiation disturbed in this way can become harmful to humans. Mining can cause man-made disturbances to the earth’s magnetic field, foundations for tall buildings, quarrying, underground transport systems, and public utilities (sewage, water and so on).Geopathic Stress is a term used to describe the cause of many different illnesses which are frequently stress related and difficult to diagnose BY ORDINARY INSTRUMENTS as they are invisible.

More often than not, the cause stems from magnetic energy disruptions within our homes or workplace. Geopathic stress is caused by one of three main magnetic energy sources working in isolation or together.


4                           House above water vein with leys


Underground water-flows beneath a property or structure. When a structure is built above underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted, and disruptive vibrations are set up in the building. Thus, if we sleep above these flows, over a period of time, the body’s resistance can be affected, leading to stress and subsequent illness due to decrease in immunity.

  • Human beings have evolved with this background magnetic field; they are accustomed to living within its presence.
  • Geopathic stress occurs when the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either naturally or artificially, and the background field we normally experience is changed.

To better understand this, look at the illustration to the left. This is a drawing of an underground stream, showing how, in this case, unhealthy or “black” natural energies radiating upwards from the stream, and also at 45 degrees on each side, forming three lines on the surface which contain spirals or vortices.

They radiate upwards through all the floors of a house or building. There is also a ley line (many waves of “overgrounds”, from right of illustration) which focuses into the centre of the spirals, forming a powerful hot spot. A black ley line will tune into a black spiral and a white ley will tune into a white spiral. The reason the stream is emitting unhealthy radiation is that the stream is polluted, or the rock/substrata above is of a type which alters the energies to unhealthy (e.g. clay).

If you have your bed on one of these lines, or especially in the centre of a spiral, you could become seriously ill very quickly, depending upon your resistance to disease and some other factors.

  • Geopathic stress is a natural phenomenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health.
  • Depending on its source, geopathic stress may be found either as a line passing through an area, or as an irregular zone or pool.
  • Some places make us feel ill at ease. We just feel uncomfortable. We are often at a loss to describe or explain this sense. Geopathic stress is a likely cause.
  • Geopathic Stress is the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions.
  • Geopathic Stress was proved to the satisfaction of the medical profession over 70 years ago and in millions of cases ever since, that Geopathic Stress is very detrimental to human health.
  • However the Indian saints 5000bc used to test the soil by putting water in a 2X2X2 feet pit. If the water drains away and they confirms the presence of fractures and water in it. And they used to put a flower in the water to observe its motion. If that is clockwise movement the area is free from geopathic stresss or vice-versa
  • Geopathic stress can be caused by energies emanating from the earth vibrating at a level beyond the electromagnetic spectrum currently recognised and detected by conventional science and technology. These energies are often referred to as earth energies and can be bad, good or neutral.
  • Earth energies have many different features but most problems are caused by underground water streams and Straight energy lines often referred to as, Ley Lines, Curry Grid Lines and Hartmann Grid Lines.
  • Curry lines were discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann as a global grid network. As was the Hartmann global grid network discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann. It is mainly the crossing points on the Curry or Hartmann lines that cause health problems.
  • Any feature which affects the earth’s natural magnetic field will most likely also affect the earth energies as these are linked in some way.

Different Types of Geopathic Stressand other Phenomenon

  • Geological Faults are responsible for the stresses of our earth’s environment and within our lives. These faults release radiation from underground and could have an impact on people living above them. Geomagnetic Lines are positive or negative lines that run North to South within the land. When they are balanced, they offer us support in maintaining good health and well being.
  • Ley Lines are human thought and we could be affected especially when we are very connected to a place or person.
  • Water Courses  water located underneath the earths surface that holds energy.
  • Electromagnetic Fields are energy frequencies from our every day electrical appliances.
  • The Hartman and Currie Grids are grids of energy that can be disruptive in certain overstressed areas of the land.
  • Nexus Points are shaped in a figure eight and could have an affect on the electrical impulses of our brain and how we feel.
  • Psychic Impressions where the house or place remembers an emotional time or event.

Mobile Personal Lines are fragmented memories from the past that could be left behind from occupants that previously lived in the home. Signs of MPL’s are – cold rooms, strange noises and smells.


The world health organization has recognized the effect of Geopathic Stress for over a decade. They estimate this energy is present in 30% of houses, offices, hotels, instituitions and industrial premises. The first studies that proved a link between Cancer and Geopathic Stress has been largely accepted by western countries.

A report by the WHO determined that as many as 30% of all New Buildings and remodelled buildings around the World could cause Sick Building Syndrome(SBS) symptoms, with women more vulnerable to these conditions.

  • 100% of people who get SECONDARY CANCER.

  • 95% of people who get CANCER were sleeping &/or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed.


  • 95% of people who get aids.

  • 80% of parents/caregivers who ABUSE CHILDREN.

  • 80% of DIVORCES are by one or both partners being GS.

  • 80% of couples who CANNOT HAVE BABIES, one or both are GS.

  • 80% of women who have a miscarriage.

  • 80% of babies who died of COT DEATH.

  • 70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers.

  • 70% of people who are ALLERGIC TO FOOD/DRINK.




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